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Montclair Preventive Dentistry

Keeps Your Smile Beautiful and Whole

Young man with healthy smileAt Holistic Dentistry Montclair, we’re committed to providing dental care with a light touch, and the best way to do that is by placing a large emphasis on prevention. With the services outlined below, we’re able to stop most dental problems before they even start so they never have the chance to harm your smile. With just two brief appointments each year, we can help your bright, natural smile shine for decades to come. Are you ready to experience holistic dentistry? If, please contact us today.

Dental Checkups & Cleanings

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With a checkup and cleaning every six months, we’ll be able to protect your smile from decay, cavities, and disease so its inherent beauty can be preserved. With a dental cleaning, we’re able to remove plaque and tartar from those areas your brush and floss simply can’t reach at home, and with a checkup (also called an oral exam), Dr. Joseph Moussa will have the opportunity to spot any dental issues you have early so he can immediately take care of them with simple, minimally-invasive treatments.

Periodontal Therapy

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Gum disease is the most common dental problem in the entire world today, and left untreated, it can also be one of the most damaging, often leading to tooth loss and even serious systemic health problems. However, with periodontal therapy, we can quickly eliminate this infection to bring you back to optimal health. A scaling and root planing treatment can break up and clear away any plaque and tartar located around your gum line, and then a soft tissue laser can be used to painlessly eliminate bacteria and infected tissue. Our team is proud to offer LANAP treatment, which utilizes safe and gentle laser energy to reduce gum pockets and regenerate healthy tissue. We also offer Periodontal Ozone Therapy to help treat gum disease.

Nightguards for Grinding & Clenching

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Bruxism is a very common condition where a person unconsciously clenches their jaw and grinds their teeth at night, and over time, this can wear down the teeth, make them more sensitive, and even cause them to crack! To help you rest a little easier, we can recommend something called a nightguard. This custom-made mouthpiece will be designed to fit your unique smile, and it will provide a protective barrier between your teeth so they cannot grind together while you sleep.

Oral Cancer Screening

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Oral cancer is one of the most damaging and least talked about diseases in the world today, claiming at least one life each and every hour. It is often fatal, but it can be easily treated when detected early, which is why Dr. Moussa recommends that everyone should receive at least one oral cancer screening per year. He can perform one during your regular checkup for your convenience. It will be a visual and tactile exam that only takes a few minutes, but it could be the few minutes that literally saves your life.

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