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Ozone Dentistry

The Power Of Pure Oxygen

What is Ozone Dentistry? We’re glad you asked! Firstly “ozone” itself just refers to enriched oxygen, or O3, and by using ozone gas, ozonized oil, and ozonized water, we’re able to perform a vast array of dental procedures in the least invasive way possible. With ozone, Dr. Joseph Moussa can eliminate oral bacteria and stimulate the growth of healthy gums and bone without the need of drills, scalpels, or painful grafting procedures. This will help him preserve as much of your natural teeth as possible when providing care, enabling your smile to remain completely intact for decades to come. Read on below to learn about all the fantastic ways we can use ozone to drastically improve your dental experience.

Advantages of Minimally-Invasive Ozone Dentistry

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Root Canal Therapy with Ozone

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Every single tooth has a small amount of soft tissue inside it that actually houses a sensitive nerve, and when this tissue becomes infected or damaged due to injury or decay, it can cause an extreme amount of dental pain. Rather than simply extract the tooth, Dr. Moussa can use a combination of root canal therapy and ozone to save it and keep your smile whole. He’ll gently remove all of the infected tissue, and then he’ll use ozonized water to clean out and thoroughly disinfect the tooth. He’ll then place a biocompatible filling material inside the tooth to restore its lost structure, restoring it and relieving your pain at the same time.

Treating Cavities with Ozone

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We frequently use ozone to destroy the dangerous bacteria that can lead to cavities. It can also assist in the remineralization process to help strengthen the areas of a tooth that have been weakened by decay. We can even remove this decay using only air abrasion as opposed to a drill, which is not only much more comfortable for a patient, but also helps preserve more of a natural tooth. And, if we need to place a tooth-colored filling to repair a cavity, ozone can also reduce a patient’s sensitivity and speed up the entire process.

Ozone Tray Treatments

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Ozone can even be used as a preventive measure for patients who are prone to developing tooth decay or have been previously diagnosed with gum disease. For this, we’ll provide you with your own custom-made ozone trays. The trays will allow pure ozone to effortlessly circulate through your mouth, quickly killing bacteria and strengthening your teeth at the same time. The entire procedure only takes 20 minutes, but it can dramatically reduce your chances of experiencing serious oral health problems.

Extractions with Ozone

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After a tooth has been extracted, it’s absolutely essential that the area is disinfected in order to promote proper healing as well as help a patient enjoy an easy and painless recovery. Our team can use Ozone Therapy to easily accomplish this right after your surgery so we can immediately start talking about how to rebuild your smile.

Teeth Whitening with Ozone

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We can also combine ozone therapy with professional teeth whitening to give patients a more vibrant smile in much less time. After applying a whitening gel to your teeth, we’ll expose it to ozone gas that will stimulate it and enable it to break up stubborn stains even more effectively.

Periodontal Ozone Therapy

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Gum disease is a bacterial infection that can damage the teeth, gums, and even the bone that support them, so it’s paramount to stop the infection and prevent it from spreading as quickly as possible. In addition to traditional periodontal treatments, we can bathe the gums in ozone gas or apply ozonated oil to the teeth and gums. This will not only help kill the bacteria hidden underneath the gum line, but also stimulate the growth of new, healthy tissue without the need of a painful grafting procedure.

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