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Dental Implants Improve Montclair Smiles

Reclaim Your Smile

Woman with beautiful smileIf you’re missing one or more teeth, then you likely don’t need us to tell you about the multiple problems they can cause, whether those pertain to your appearance, confidence, or even your ability to speak and eat. Thankfully, Dr. Joseph Moussa can help you regain your complete smile using the most state-of-the-art replacement available today: dental implants. With them, he can provide you with the most reliable, durable, and natural-looking results possible. In the end, you’ll barely notice the difference between them and your real teeth. Are you ready to get rid of the gaps in your smile? If so, please contact us today.

Implant Placement

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A dental implant is actually a prosthetic root placed directly into the jaw that can support any number of replacement teeth. In order to get implants, you will need to undergo a minor surgery where they will actually be positioned within your jawbone. After this is completed, you’ll be given 3-6 months to heal, during which time the implants will actually bond with the surrounding bone to make them even stronger. Once you are healed, you’ll return to our office to receive your new teeth.

Mini Dental Implants

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Our practice prefers to use implant posts that are thinner than traditional ones because they enable us to preserve more of your jawbone when placing them. They are still strong enough to provide a solid foundation for replacement teeth, and in fact, a patient is often able to heal faster thanks to their reduced their size. Mini implants also require less drilling than when receiving a filling and can be placed and restored in two appointments. They also work wonderfully for patients who have suffered bone loss due to tooth loss.

Metal-Free Implants

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Dental implants are typically made of titanium, but at Holistic Dentistry Montclair, we like to use metal-free zirconia implants whenever we can. Zirconia is an extremely strong ceramic material that has been used for dental implants in Europe since the late 1980’s, and not only are they very sturdy and able to easily bond to bone, but the entire prosthetic can be made to be tooth-colored, including the post itself. With zirconia implants, you’ll end up with a natural-looking result and still be able to enjoy the same stability as a titanium implant.

Implant-Retained Restorations

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Dental implants can be used to replace any number of missing teeth, ranging from just one tooth all the way to an entire mouthful. Implant-retained crowns can easily restore a single tooth while implant-retained bridges can be used to replace up to three teeth in a row. Implants can even be used to support a full denture, providing a strong, consistent hold a removable prosthetic simply can’t match. And, which just regular brushing and flossing, your implants can be expected to last for 30 years or more.

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